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By choosing MedicWest Ambulance, patients, their families, and healthcare facilities will know they are getting the most rapid and caring ambulance service in town.  It says "We Care" on the sides of our ambulances for a reason.

Welcome to MedicWest Ambulance - Las Vegas


911 Response

Clark County is over 8000 square miles in size and more than 1.7 million in population (2005 estimates).  MedicWest is the primary 911 franchised ambulance provider for the eastern half of the metropolitan area of Clark County (including the Las Vegas Strip from Caesar’s Palace to the Sahara Hotel) and all of North Las Vegas. We respond to all areas of the county under mutual aid agreements and compete for non-emergency and critical care transports in Boulder City, Clark County, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.  




Critical Care Transport

We offer specialized nursing transport services for patients requiring the highest level of care.  We have two designated CCT Trucks and provide scheduled or as needed services to facilities throughout the Vegas Valley.



Long Distance Transports

We have the ability to do long distance transports of patients to Utah, California or Arizona.  This is ideal in instances where insurances may not cover a flight but instead would assist with payment for a ground ambulance transport.





Non-Emergency Services

MedicWest Ambulance provides specialized Basic and Advanced Life Support services for patients requiring supervised medical transportation between medical facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other locations throughout Southern Nevada.





Special Events

We provide medical coverage for many concerts, sporting events, large gatherings and conventions.  For more information regarding special events please view here.











Bariatric Unit

We have a designated Bariatric Ambulance available for obese patients.  This unit has a specialized winch and ramp system to safely pull a gurney onto the ambulance.  We utilize a Stryker gurney with the capacity of 1000 lbs.



9 West Delhi    North Las Vegas, NV  89032    (702) 650-9900    Fax (702) 650-3330                    ·




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